I fundamentally believe that the people closest to the pain should be closest to the power
— Ayanna Pressley

Innovation and Creativity can end poverty.

Get to work.


Welcome To The propel lab

A place where we launch into uncharted territory and build out our ideas that propel us to the future.


Propel News + Notes Blog

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our Humble Beginning

We are The Propel Lab, a movement with a mission that began in the heart of a woman helping women develop their creative ideas into streams of income. We started on a hard floor with a laptop and the heart and encouragement to push others. We began by pushing women to do the things that once believed that they couldn’t do.


Meet Jess

A pen and a dream is what this girl began with but now a vision and a mission is what Jess builds with. Jess loves helping women realize their innovative genius and helping women to see that their ideas are never too small to build a business from. Jessica is an advocate and warrior against the bondage of poverty that has bound a lot of women and families.


our mission

Building and launching creative entrepreneur women and single mothers to break the glass ceiling of poverty that restores wealth and prosperity to their families.