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Mommies and Muvvas in the Marketplace is a community of BOSS women who come together developing and launching their ideas for their place in the marketplace.

What is Mommies and Muvvas in the Market place?

This initiative will help women to utilize their creative abilities and to turn it into a marketplace product/or service.

With Mommies and Muvvas, our goal is to help women dig and search for their hidden gifts and talents and help them to apply those gifts and talents to the marketplace that will service others and impact their family’s income.

The goal is to generate wealth and prosperity, and to eradicate poverty

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Mommies and Muvvas is an INTENTIONAL initiative that will help women entrepreneurs build community and network. We operate as a community that also serves as a creative and entrepreneurial think tank for women looking to develop their God-sized ideas. This community is held on and offline. In person events and workshops will be available to support the women who are a part of the Mommies & Muvvas. 


We launched our very first workshop in May of 2018! We were able to help women in their process toward building their place in the marketplace. We will have MORE WORKSHOPS to come in 2019. Check for future dates.

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