The Idea Behind #Ourstoriesmatter

The best way to silence someone is to not tell them to 'shut up', it's to build a system, a society, a culture, that makes them feel like they need to. Fear is a weapon used to silence anyone who dares to speak out. How do I know? Fear kept my voice at a small low pitch for years. There were times when I would feel the need and the urge to speak at some of the most pivotal moments, but I just couldn't. It was out of fear that someone would judge me and mark my words wrong or make me feel like what I was saying wasn't important. Those were serious rejection wounds then. 

After so many years afraid to speak up and be myself, I had to make the final decision to just speak up no matter who agreed and who didn't. I had to kick fear in the teeth and speak up, raise my voice, and elevate. What am I saying? Ultimately, I am letting you know that your voice matters and the story that you have to tell, the one that you have been waiting to tell, it matters. Your story matters.

I have a soft spot for the unspoken, the overlooked, and the underdogs. That was my idea for this course, there are too many of us who need to believe that our stories matter and that they are good enough to be told and written. If you are someone who is looking to push past the fear, write for their lives, and share their story, then this course #OurStoriesMatter is for you.

It's a 6-week online course that will encourage you to finish your manuscript in half the time. The average time to complete a 1st draft manuscript is usually 90 days or 12 weeks. I would like to press into you and help pull out of you what you have been dying to get out onto a page. 

It's time to tell your story.

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