You Need to Be You


Dear reader,

There will NEVER be another you. I can almost guarantee you that! You are a unique being and with your uniqueness there comes a unique voice. Your voice is one of a kind and there will never be another like it. There is so much in you and about you, your life is a book that you've lived but you haven't sat down to tell.

When it comes to building your blog, your brand or even creating your book there will come obstacles and one of the greatest ones you will face is the emotional obstacle of fear. Fear will try it's best to capsize your dreams and purpose. When you feel the desire to tell your story, speak up, and share what you have to say then fear will find every lie to try and shut you up, making you feel unimportant. Fear will serve you the lie that nothing you say or produce will ever be important for someone to read, it is a complete breath stankin' lie! Because you are unique and there will never be another you in anyone's lifetime, there will never be another story told like yours. 

You have so much to offer if only you would stand in courage to be the unique you and the unique voice that God created you to be on the Earth.  Your story does matter and it's important that you think so. You are called to address a certain people who will need guidance getting out of the storms that you've come out of.

They will need you and your voice. Your brand. Your identity.

It's time to raise your voice and your standards.

You need to be you because we need you and what you have.