4 Ways Innovation Can End Poverty

Image via  Eye for Ebony

Poverty is a world-class issue, it ranges in many levels from injustice or another term for it is systemic poverty to generational or situational poverty. Poverty is a economical wealth gap that causes a lack of resources. This means there is a lack in the ‘needs’ area that a person or family may be experiencing. No matter the origin of the poverty, I believe we can all agree that it is a bondage and a limitation to many in families, communities, and countries.

Within the worldwide issue of poverty, the gap not only seems to affect those of a lower economic class but it also affects those according to race and gender. Women and women of color are most likely to fall victim to the poverty disparity due to gender and race.

According to Status of Women in the States data, in a study that was taken in 2013, the top three groups of women that were subjected to living in poverty were all groups of women of color. The data showed Native American women at 28.1 %, Black women at 25.7%, and Hispanic women at 24.0% (Status of Women in the States).  Women who were not of color, or in other words were White women fell in the poverty gap of 11.7% being the smallest ethnic group among women to experience poverty with their fellow women members. Let’s be clear, poverty is a bondage for all, race does not exclude the experiences that poverty brings to a woman, a family, and a community. Based on these studies conducted in the U.S. it just seems that poverty affects more women of color.

Different factors can come into play as to why women of color are more affected than their fellow white counterparts but we’re here to discuss solutions. Poverty is the problem, now it’s time to find a way out of it. Here at The Propel Lab Co. we strongly believe that innovation can end poverty in households, families, and communities.

Here are four ways innovation can end poverty:

1. Be a solution, and solve a problem

All around the world there are problems waiting to be solved. Poverty is a major issue but underneath poverty, it causes many problems that affect healthcare, childcare, and  adequate access to food, etc. While poverty is a strong gatekeeper, we have to find a way to end the issues that poverty causes in order to defeat it entirely. People need to start changing their perspective on how they see themselves. We aren’t just people here on earth but we are actual answers to the problems that other people have. Being innovative means taking a risk to do what has never been done before or taking the risk to redevelop what’s already been done and making it better. The way to discovering the problem you are called to fix is identifying what it is that breaks your heart. Listen to your empathy, what issues break your heart? It may have affected you personally and you have a desire to fix it. This is a clue that this is your realm that you are called to help save.

2. Build it/recreate it

If you have never seen it done before then chances are you are the one who it supposed to build it! Don’t overthink it because people need YOU! Remember you are a solution, don’t waste time. If your idea somehow has been tapped into by someone who has done it before, then don’t fail to research but it’s probably your job to recreate what’s already been done or to redevelop it, making it better and stronger. Don’t be afraid of what other’s will think. Remember the end game is to solve a problem, not to be popular. Lives are depending on your innovation.

3. Believe in it

When you have an idea, the success of that idea becoming a reality will depend on your believing in it. If you don’t believe in what it is that you are doing then your idea won’t stand a chance and neither will those people who are waiting on your idea, product, service, or life’s story. You have more people counting on you than you realize. You don’t yet, know just how much the future holds for you. Don’t worry about those who will mock you with what it is that you are building. When Noah built the ark, he was mocked until the rain that he had foreknowledge about came. Believe, lives depend on it.

4. Enforce it

Begin to put the plan to paper and then the plan to motion. Enforce those beliefs and the ideas that you have. Building takes time but it’s well worth it. When you build something innovative, whether it be an invention to help those in the medical field or it is a food service for those with low income, you are not just building for those in mind that you will help but you will also be building a legacy for your very own family.

Ideas can produce two things, solutions and wealth. As long as you have ideas then you should never be without a solution or wealth.