Creating a Vision for Your Business Before the New Year

Image via Rawpixel

Image via Rawpixel

The New Year is upon us like the creepy music from a horror film. As soon as we turn around, it’s RIGHT THERE! If you somehow didn’t find yourself doing great in business this year or even fully launching to put yourself out there then it’s time to switch up the game plan. It’s time to reassess where it all went wrong and to check yourself so that you can get it right. If we plan on being a business then we need to do better to take ourselves more seriously. As much as I want to cut you some slack here, truth is, if you didn’t meet your goal or exceed your goal then somewhere along the way you didn’t take yourself seriously. We’re here to keep it real with you.

It’s okay, we don’t want to ride you but we want to keep you accountable. If somewhere along the way this year, you felt as if you didn’t do the best that you could for your business, then let’s take the time here to recoup.

You have a business plan but do you have a vision plan for your business? The business plan serves the overall ‘why’ of your business but a vision plan can serve your business from over a variety of time periods with specific goals that you desire for your business to achieve. Just like you would cast a vision and goals for your personal life, you will want to do the same for your business. This is something that you will want to do often and on a consistent basis. What are you hoping for your business to achieve? Do you hope for it to reach six figures? Write it down in your vision plan. What foreign countries do you desire for your business to go within the next year? Within the next year, we desire for The Propel Lab to reach different women in different parts of the United States and different countries in the world.

Whatever your vision is for your business for the next year, be careful to write it and place it somewhere to see, every single day, and say it out loud. Businesses are a lot more than just licenses, taxes, and branding. There is an emotional, psychological, and even a spiritual aspect to building a business and sustaining it. Take this step to cast your vision for your business to help keep you in the realm of sanity when you may feel situations are awry. Remembering your vision can keep you from jumping ship when times get tough. Be as practical and as dreaming as you desire but write the vision and make it plain so for the next year you can run with it and your business can soar.