How Storytelling Shapes Your Brand

It's a powerful tool and yet it's always overlooked when it comes to building a business or a brand. Big name companies have discovered the importance of what a good story can do. They've mastered the ability of what it takes to get you to buy from them. It's simple really all they had to do was figure out a way to connect to you, how did they do that? It was simply by telling a good story. It has been under our noses the whole time and some of us missed it. I don't fault you for it but as a brand and a business owner, I just want to let you in on a secret: find a way to connect with people. 

I get it, you want to start a movement with your book, your business, or your blog. All of that is fine but if you don't have a story to move people then how will they follow you or more importantly, buy from you? See where I am going with this? In order to move someone into a movement, then you will need to present them with reasons. One of the most important reasons would be your 'Why'. It'll be your 'Why' that will get people up and moving towards the direction you plan to lead them. If you don't give your customers or followers a good reason then they simply won't follow you. 

So, the solution? Tell people who you are and what made you want to create such a movement for your business or brand in the first place. Was it because you saw a need or was it because you love to help? Whatever your reason for starting, give that to the people and they will want to hear it. Just be honest. People are really looking to buy into who it is that you are more so over your product. Let them buy something of value.