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Where you learn how to go forward


Future Building Women

Come join a community of women who are learning and rebuilding themselves for a better tomorrow. Propel U is dedicated to helping women to rediscover themselves and to pursue their purpose for a better future.

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1-on-1 strategy building sessions

Learn what your abilities are and what it is that you already have to use to create a business or a stream of income. We offer one-on-one strategy sessions for those who desire help in self-discovery and where and how to apply their skills to generate income. We’ll assist in building an actual business plan and put into place achievable goals for your business.

We don’t call ourselves coaches but we push you and cheer you on along the way in the building process.

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Propel University courses

Come learn in an online group setting with women just like you who desire to identify their strengths and weaknesses and need help in identifying the best tools and resources for building a successful marketplace business. Learn from other women and mothers who were successful in creating their business and how you can begin yours now without having all of your ducks in a row!


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